Karaoke DJ References
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Karaoke DJ Entertainment is the #1 Company For Fun And Entertainment.We want you to feel  good about using our services.

When picking a DJ service always remember to ask for their DJ experience and references.

We have been in this business over 15 years and we know what the customer needs.Our reputation speaks for itself.

We are listed #1 in Google search engine and.#2 in Yahoo search engine.The only way you get these ratings on the #1 page is by popular demand.

Our company knows how to get a party started.Once we start playing music no one wants to stop dancing and partying.

We have put together references from some very satisfied customers who have used our services.We also have listed some of our customers surveys.

We hope a few of these references below will help you make your decision on using our services. We have so many more we could not list.If you like to see more surveys, please call us.

Go with a professional company not an amateur with a boom box and no experience.

Ohio Association Of Magistrates  Michael Finney
Ohio State University Hospital Beverly Tate
Ohio State Fawcett Center Marci Reiterman
Ohio State Medical Center Beverly Tate
Ohio Academy Of family Physcians Kate Mahler
OSU Medical Center Amy Hurley
Ohio Westland
Embassy Suites
Best Western Motels
Sherton Of Columbus Kathy
Hilton Inn Columbus Carly
Regency Manor C.O.R. TEAM Sara
Zeno's Bar
CBUS Sports Sports Pub

Worthington High School  35th Class Reunion Kay Ball 740-548-4972
Worthington High School  35th Class Reunion Class of 1975
Brookhaven High School   35th Class Reunion Steve Fisher 614-891-8084
Kendell Beltz (Wedding)  740-205-7472
Rick Calhoun (Wedding)  614-554-1573
Brian McCleave ( 60th.Birthday Party) 614-270-0107
Sherry Derefield (College Graduation Party) 614-832-6510
Haruna Cofer High Point Elemetary (Kids Karaoke Party) (Gahanna) 614-557-1931
IGS Energy

Surveys Of Satisfied Customers
Thank you, Karaoke DJ for helping to make our party a success!  We received many compliments about the karaoke!  It was perfect for our party, and everyone agreed that we can never go back to a regular DJ now! 

I filled out the survey below with all Excellents.  I think the only negative was not having Taylor Swift, since we had multiple requests for that.  I wonder what the problem was with the Karaoke cdg disc I had made (which had the Taylor Swift songs)...do you think it was a copyright/legal copy issue?  I haven't checked with my local karaoke friend to see if it works on his system (I gave it to him afterwards to keep).

Anyway, I really appreciate all that you did to guide me through the months of planning, and you were all VERY professional on site!  You guys are AWESOME!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!

-- Haruna  :)